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Working With a Quantity Surveyor

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If you are a construction company looking to complete a project, you might want to consider working with a quantity surveyor. These professionals are responsible for overseeing the project’s completion, and may also provide advice and analysis to resolve discrepancies related to the company’s finances. Quantity surveyors ensure that employees are using all the material purchased, and may also determine when excess material is needed for future projects.

Qualities of a quantity surveyor

When hiring a quantity surveyor, you should look for a few qualities in him or her. These qualities include a thorough knowledge of construction and planning, excellent communication skills, and creativity. Quantity surveyors also have superb interpersonal skills. Outstanding quantity surveyors are highly skilled at reading people and tailoring their negotiation strategies to meet the needs of the client. They are skilled at reviewing construction plans and contracts, negotiating the best deal possible, and maintaining professional relationships with project stakeholders.

Qualified Quantity Surveyors should have several different qualities that make them stand out from the crowd. This is because buildings serve a variety of functions, and it is critical that every detail of construction is measured accurately and consistently. Qualified quantity surveyors are able to anticipate problems before they arise, and they have a keen attention to detail. As a result, they should be able to predict how much material each component of a building will require.

Job duties

As a professional quantity surveyor, your job is to minimize the total cost of a project and increase the value for your money. A quantity surveyor’s job description includes preparing estimates of the cost of building materials and labor and keeping track of contract variations. As part of your job duties, you will analyze engineering and architectural drawings to determine the cost of materials and labor. Your quantity surveyor will also create reports for your project to show profitability.

Besides preparing an accurate budget estimate, the job duties of a quantity surveyor include inspecting and auditing contracts, material costs, and maintenance costs. They will also work cooperatively with project stakeholders to identify commercial risks, and provide recommendations on the maintenance costs of specific buildings. These professionals may travel to the project site regularly and may require overnight stays. Some jobs require the completion of a graduate degree to advance to the next level.


Qualified Quantity Surveyors oversee construction projects and help to control costs and manage risks. They also provide advice to clients and resolve discrepancies in the financial accounts of companies. This occupation requires many skills, including attention to detail, organization, and a willingness to learn. Here are the qualifications of a Quantity Surveyor. You’ll be able to easily identify the qualifications you need. Hopefully, you’ll have no trouble securing a position.

The job of a quantity surveyor involves calculating the cost of construction projects and ensuring the construction project is completed within budget. They must be knowledgeable about construction materials, methods, and laws to properly estimate the cost of the project. A quantity surveyor can specialize in one field or another, but a good Quantity Surveyor must be knowledgeable about both in order to excel in their job. Listed below are some of the most common duties of a Quantity Surveyor.

Costing breakdowns

When working with a quantity surveyor, you can expect detailed costing breakdowns. Quantity surveyors will allocate costs of materials, equipment, and other assets to a project. Ultimately, the total cost will be determined by overlaying the costs of these resources. A work breakdown structure will greatly facilitate the development of an accurate cost breakdown. You can ask your quantity surveyor to review the work breakdown structure and make changes if necessary.

A quantity surveyor’s cost estimation is based on a work breakdown structure. This structure helps them understand the scope of a construction project. They can then determine how long each task should take and allocate costs by role. Once this is completed, the cost of the different roles will be combined. Once these breakdowns are created, you can compare them to the total project budget. You can then determine whether the project’s costs will be within your budget.

Options for working with a quantity surveyor

There are several ways to work with a quantity surveyor. Some of these include becoming a project manager, helping to manage a project, or working as a quantity surveyor. As a project manager, you will be responsible for budgets and maintaining high-quality work. Your work may be smaller or larger, focusing on marketing, managing budgets, or working on your own projects. Either way, you will still be working with a quantity surveyor, but you will be managing all aspects of a project.

When working with a quantity surveyor, you will be able to get an estimate of the costs for a construction project before it begins. The quantity surveyor will work with the civil engineer and architects on site to develop cost plans that meet the specifications and budget. They will oversee the project and notify stakeholders of any issues. They will also manage the costs, coordinate staff payment, and settle final accounts. They will also monitor the progress of a project and ensure all legislation is followed.

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